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Micro Loans for Women in Togo

April 11, 2016 | Share Your Thoughts

Sacred Garden is proud to support and empower other hard working entrepreneurs with micro business loan contributions. We focus mainly on strong, female business owners in parts of the world that often deny women access to traditional bank loans. From time-to-time, Sacred Garden will also support domestic, small business ventures and male entrepreneurs who seek non-tradional, certified micro loan capital.

Learn more about Edzodzi and her business in West Africa:

“Edzodzi is 31 years old, married, and lives Adidogome. At the market, she makes and sells snacks made out of wheat flour and cooking oil. She gets her supplies three times a month from a wholesaler at the market.

She [is] seeking this loan to buy bags of wheat flour, cans of cooking oil, and other products to transform. This enables her to increase her income and contribute much more to covering the expenses of her family.” – Kiva

[Assilassimé Solidarité (“Hand in Hand” in Ewe, the local language) is a nonprofit microfinance institution in Togo founded in 2012. The organization is distinguished in the Togolese microfinance landscape because it offers services only to vulnerable individuals in the Lomé area, particularly the disabled, single mothers, sex workers, people living with HIV, and widows. Kiva loans made through Assilassimé help some of Togo’s most vulnerable people, including the very poor, to start or grow businesses and establish stable livelihoods.]

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