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Cannabis Education across the Nation

June 3, 2015 | Share Your Thoughts

Written by: Nurse Heather Manus, RN

Heather1The month of May has been a busy time for Cannabis education. On the road for three weeks, a lot of ground has been covered, beginning with the Women Grow Leadership Summit.

As written in an article from “The first ever Women Grow Leadership Summit took place at Cordillera Lodge in the Rocky Mountains in mid-May. Women Grow is dedicated to training—or “cultivating”—women to be leaders of the cannabis industry, a business the Arcview research group has called “the fastest growing industry in the U.S.” Now that marijuana is medically legal in 23 states (plus the District of Columbia) and fully legal in four, the organization asserts that it’s time for women to claim their place in the pot business.” Read More

Heather2Next was the Patients Out of Time – 20th Anniversary- Celebrating the Past, Embracing the Future. The Ninth National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics was held in West Palm Beach, Florida May 21-23, 2015. Pre-conference workshops were provided for physicians, nurses, and attorneys. I was personally involved with helping to organize and present information for the American Cannabis Nurses Association’s “Core-Curriculum for Cannabis Nursing” and the “Advanced Curriculum: Beyond the Basics.” One of the main topics covered during the conference was Cannabis and Aging. It was revealed that many of the age related illness that develop are due to changes in the endocannabinoid system, reduction of ECS receptors, and endocannabinoid deficiency. Could cannabis really be the fountain of youth? According to new science & research, the answer might be yes, or at least serve as a gentle way to age gracefully. Highlights from the conference can be found here.

Heather3A final stop was made in the US Virgin Islands, where as guests of Senator Terrance “Positive” Nelson, the community was exposed to new information regarding medical cannabis laws and the use of cannabis for various ailments, including age related illnesses. I was honored to meet many members of the island community to share knowledge and love with all who had curiosity surrounding cannabis medicine.  Read More


The word is spreading worldwide that medical cannabis is a safe, efficacious, and gentle plant medicine that can used in many applications, including non-psychoactive forms. The overall message for the month of May can be summed up in six simple words, “Cannabis is a gateway to Health.”


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