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How To Approach Personal Edible Dosing

February 3, 2016 | Share Your Thoughts

“How much should I eat?”

“How long will it take for me to feel its effects?”

“Will I ‘freak out’ if I eat too much?”

edibles_blogThese are questions our bud tenders receive almost daily here at Sacred Garden.  Most cannabis-friendly people have heard stories of fellow patients or friends who’ve eaten too many brownies or gummy bears and had an adverse reaction. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the basic guidelines for dosing with common edible or tincture products.

The most common discussions revolve around how much THC and CBD should a new patient, or someone who is not accustomed to orally consuming cannabis, take in their initial edible dosing regimen. We always advocate that new edible customers begin consuming THC in 10mg increments and CBD should be taken in 3-to-1 ratio (CBD:THC) for maximum effectiveness. By dosing in 10mg THC increments, patients can quickly and accurately determine their tolerance levels. There are several factors that will impact the physical and mental effects of THC and CBD including: body weight; hydration levels; metabolism; taken on a full or empty stomach; etc. Given everybody has unique physical characteristics, we recommend that patients experiment with dosage levels for a week or two in order to find what works best for their body.

The second most commonly asked questions are about how long it takes for edibles, and other forms orally ingested cannabis medicine, to begin working.  As stated above, there are many factors that will impact when and how the medicine’s effects will be felt. As a general rule, we tell patients to wait at least 30 to 90 minutes before contemplating taking another dose. This basic timeframe should be a sufficient period of time for your body to metabolize the THC and/or CBD content.

If for some reason you orally consume too much THC, don’t worry! There is no real way to ‘overdose’ on THC, but it can make you feel uncomfortable, anxious or very tired. Here are a few common tips & tricks that will help alleviate many undesired effects. First, find a comfortable, dimly lit space that you are familiar with…like your living room couch. A large glass of cool water or juice, a favorite snack and a calming movie or show will also go a long way to helping you relax. Take a deep breath, know that the feeling will eventually pass and use the experience to modify your future dosing.

If you have any more questions about edibles and dosing, please don’t hesitate to ask your Sacred Garden bud tender for an in-depth, personal consultation.

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