SACRED MENU | Extracts & Concentrates

The extractions at Sacred Garden follow the same commitment to excellence as our strains and our edibles. Included with our variety is a friendly and informed staff that is devoted to helping our patients understand which medicinal extract is best suited for their conditions.

Butane Hash Oil (BHO)


Shatter/BHO  (Sold in half grams). Strain specific. * 4 Star Shatter fresh from the oven         5 Star rating system. Stars are determined by quality of flower/trim... VIEW MORE ›

Canna Capsules


Canna-Caps were made to heal. They are also made for people with certain dietary restrictions that can not find anything ton our edibles menu that they can ingest. They are... VIEW MORE ›

Honey Oil

Honey Hash Oil

Honey Hash Oil – 1 gram- $70.00 (Sold only in whole grams, 70-80% concentrate). Also, CBD and THC Hash oil comes in a syringe for dosing convenience.  


Kief Hash

This is some beautiful dry sift that we have collected together to enhance your bowl. $29.00/ gram