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Heal & Renew Salve

This is our best recommendation for skin cancers and dermal disease. This wonderfully healing and nourishing topical combines a heavy dose of both CBD and THC rich hash oils with... VIEW MORE ›

Canna Root Salve

Canna Root Salve is a pain relieving balm that soothes and softens. It is made from the roots of the cannabis plant that contains many health benefits and usually is... VIEW MORE ›


Green Dragon

We offer our Green Dragon tinctures in three different varieties. Indica/Sativa – 1/2oz 99mg THC, 1mg CBD – $20.00 – 1oz 198mg THC, 2mg CBD – $40.00 CBD/Hybrid – 1/2oz... VIEW MORE ›

Lavender Dream Tincture

The Lavender Dream tincture is a mellowing night-time blend. It is blended with Valerian which is most commonly used for sleep disorders, especially the inability to sleep (insomnia). Some people... VIEW MORE ›

WOOsha Tincture

Our Wild Orange Osha Tincture (WOOsha) is great for optimizing the performance of the immune system. The base for this tincture is created with Cannabis, Osha Root, and organic grape... VIEW MORE ›

Glycerin Tinctures

Glycerin Tinctures (Alcohol free tincture for oral ingestion) Pain Support Blend – 1 oz – $30.00 – 1/2 oz – $15.00 Cancer and Anxiety Blend – 1 oz – $30.00... VIEW MORE ›