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Our cannabis infused edibles range from organic wholesomeness to pure indulgence while maintaining a commitment to taste, quality and consistency of dosage. We regularly test the extraction potency enabling us to ensure a consistent level of medicine in all of our edible options.


Sour Rainbow Gummy Bears

Our Rainbow Sour Gummy Bears will satisfy your taste buds and pain. Flavors included in each pack: Blue Raspberry, Lemon, Apricot, Watermelon, Apple Pear 10mg per bear / 10 bears... VIEW MORE ›

Sacred Syrup

Now available in two flavors – cherry and lemon!

Gummy Stars

These delectable Gummy Stars may seem small, but they pack a punch.  Each Star is between 30-40mg THC, and with 4 per pack the total THC averages between batches from 120-140mg THC.... VIEW MORE ›


We came up with a healthy alternative edible! TOTALLY GLUTEN-FREE , NO REFINED SUGARS, ORGANIC! We know the feeling of wanting to ingest medicine, but not wanting the sugar and... VIEW MORE ›

Chocolate Bar

This is a dark and milk chocolate delight! With 120mg THC, this can be broken up and taken a bit at a time!  **We also now carry 240mg THC Chocolate Bars. Chocolate Bars... VIEW MORE ›


With 10-12mg THC, it creates a very light, mellow buzz to keep you medicated lightly throughout your day! They are a nice bite-sized option for those on the go. They are... VIEW MORE ›

Cereal Bars

These bars will definitely help relieve the sweet tooth and pain management! We have two varities! Kanna Krispies: A medicated Rice Krispie option. (Indica) Cereal Bars: A medicated blueberry, marshmellow,... VIEW MORE ›

Canna Bliss Balls

Honey Hash oil, raw almonds, rolled oats, raw cashew meal, raw honey, almond butter, banana, chocolate, dried cranberries, coconut, cacao powder, cinnamon, cardamom & sea salt. 2 per package, 20... VIEW MORE ›

Canna Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies are made with 25 mg THC (Sativa, Indica) – $5.00 each Sugar Cookies are made with 15 mg THC (Sativa, Indica) – $3.00 each    

Canna Fudge

Canna Fudge is a creamy and decadent treat made from organic ingredients and 60 mgs of hash oil derived THC (Sativa, Indica) -$10.00 each